Start Life Again

Written by Mutlu BİNİCİ

Translated by Ertuğrul ERGÜL

His heart was full of pain when he entered the masjid. He couldn’t live with the trouble that he couldn’t let go, his agony was increasing day by day. He just couldn’t stand it anymore, so he appeared before God’s merciful messenger, our beloved prophet. Then, he sat beneath his knees and started to tell:

“O Prophet! We are people who lived in age of ignorance. We were worshipping idols and killing our children. I had a daughter that I loved so much. One day, I took her outside. I brought her to a well that’s not so close and threw her in it. I still remember her last screams. She was begging as “Father, help me! Get me out of here!”.

God’s beloved prophet started to cry. He had four daughters he loved affectionately. Companions’ hearts shattered as our Prophet’s eyes started to tear. They would sacrifice worlds just for his glimpse, but this man came and filled his heart with pain and gave sorrow in his face. They suddenly got angry with the man and shouted at him, but our Prophet intervened. He said, “Leave him alone. He is telling us about something that distresses him.” and asked the man to repeat his memory again. Our Prophet was crying and his tears were sprinkling his beard while the man was retelling his memory.

The man finished his story and bowed his head. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) looked at the man who once killed his daughter cruelly, but now rejoiced with Islam and said:

“Allah removed responsibility of all the bad deeds that have been done in the age of ignorance. Come and start life over again.”[1]

The man left the masjid. There was relief in his soul; his daughter’s smiling face in his eyes and the hope of eternal felicity with his daughter in the gardens of heaven.


Years take one’s purity and innocence away as they go by. Soul causes many troubles by uniting with the devil. Hearts are fading; love and mercy are replacing with envy, grudge and hatred. The swamp that is called world is literally swallowing us. Hope of this miserable one in hereafter vanishes as he drowns in sins. The devil that once said, “You are too young for this, you have lots of time,” now takes all hope away as he says, “It’s too late. The gates of repentance are closed.” The man starts to burn in hell yet before dying. The devil rejoices with his new victory as he deceives another man.

But our Almighty God doesn’t leave us in the hands of devil. Our God, who is forgiver, wants the one who lost himself in the world to return to his homeland, the heaven. He opens his hands in the night and calls out to us, “Is there anybody who wants to be forgiven?”. He sends us his loved one just because he loves us. The word of the prophet, the symbol of love and mercy, cures the hearts and souls of the mankind. Those who listen to his word feel the excitement of turning a new page and starting a new life.

Come, let’s turn a brand new page in our lives. Let’s feel the enthusiasm of faith and life for God. Let’s repent our sins and start life all over again today.           


[1] Darimi, Sunan, Muqaddimah 1                

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