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Who Will Get You Off My Hand?

Translator: Abdullah MÜFTÜOĞLU

Narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah (May Allah Bless Him)

‘Once, we were returning from a campaign and at the noon time, we gave a break in a thicket place. Soldiers spread over the place to find shadow and have a rest under to Prophet Mohammad, the most generous one, put his sword on a tree and had begun to get a rest. As we were taking a nap, we heard Prophet Mohammad calling us, and we ran towards him. Then, we found that an unbeliever was threatening him. This man had held his sword while Prophet Muhammad had been sleeping. In the meantime, Prophet the most generous had woken up. The man asked by drawing the sword on Him: 

‘’ Are you afraid of me?’’ 

‘’No, I am not.’’

‘’Then, who will get you off my hand now?’’


At the time, suddenly, the sword which is in the hand of the man was dropped.

After that, Prophet the most generous asked the man by taking the sword from the ground:

‘’Who will get you off my hand?’’

The man replied:

‘’ Be a good punisher!’’

This time, Prophet Mohammad said:

‘’Will you approve that there is no God but Allah and I am the Messenger of him?’’

‘’No, I will not.’’ the man said and continued:

“However, I swear not to fight with you and take part in a community that would fight with you.’’

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) set the man free.

As the man got back to his friends, he said to them:

“I am returning from the most auspicious man’s side.”

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