The Companıons

Written in Turkish by Mutlu BİNİCİ

Translated into English by Hayat Yakup ARICIOĞLU

“And how many a prophet (fought and) with him fought many religious scholars. But they never lost assurance due to what afflicted them in the cause of Allah, nor did they weaken or submit. And Allah loves the steadfast.” (Ali ‘Imran 3/146)

They are our leaders. They are the beautiful people who proved their faith with their deeds, reached the excellence of faith and with whom Allah and His Rasul (sas) are consent. They are the ones who passed down Islam to us, conduced to our faith, the genuine altruists who gave up their worlds to carry us to the jannah. They are our heroes, our glorious past of which we feel proud as we remember, which we strive to take as an example. The precious heroes who put a smile on the Rasulullah’s (sas) face.

They are the friends of Allah and the brothers of the exalted Rasul (sas). They are companions of the righteous and loyal servant (sas) of Allah. They are those who believed in Allah on the very first days of Islam.

They are the ones who did not cave in to tortures when the oppressors cruelly forced them to abandon their religion, who stuck to their cases and shouted, “Allah is One!” even when they were tortured on the hot sands by being put under giant rocks as having high fever. 

They are the ones who were wretched in the years they were relentlessly boycotted by the heathens. They are those who shed tears for their children dying of hunger, and yet never left the Rasul (sas). They were never afraid of hunger nor thirst but of being faithless and therefore protected their belief to death.

They are the muhajirun who left their homeland in the cause of their faith, immigrated first to Abyssinia and then to Medina.[1] They separated from their spouses, friends and loved ones for the real Beloved, migrated to Allah and His Rasul (sas).

They are those who pledged their loyalty at Aqaba, promised to be with the Rasul (sas) to death and kept their word. They are the ones who shared their land, property and even a slice of bread of theirs with the Muhajirun whom they had not known until recently. Those who prefer their religious fellows to themselves even if they themselves are in need.

They are the ones who defeated the blasphemy at Badr, laid down their lives in front of our Prophet (sas) at Uhud, shielded him with their bodies from the arrows, spears and stones. They are those who dived into the enemy by saying that there is no need to live when Muhammad (as) was martyred[2], who thought about the health of the Prophet even in their last breath, willed their kith and kin to protect him (sas).

They are those who were not frightened of the huge army across the trench, those who did not flee or make any excuse. The numerousness of the enemy shaking the mountains could only increase them in faith.  And they are those saying, “sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs” when they had a close brush with death.

They are those who pledged under the tree of Ridwan, promised to fight to the death and not to flee from the enemy. They are the believers over whose hands is the hand of Allah.

They are the glorious soldiers of the victorious commander who conquered Mecca. They are the men of tawhid who broke the idols and cleaned the Kabah from the impurity of polytheism.

They are those who challenged the Byzantine Empire and the whole world during the expedition of Tabuk and made history with the Battle of Mutah. They are those who showed loyalty to the Rasul (sas), were martyred at Yamama and Yarmouk for Allah (swt) and His Rasul (sas) with the aim of glorifying the name of Allah.

They are merciful towards the believers, and forceful against the disbelievers. They are those who do not fear the blame of a critic. They are the best nation produced as an example for mankind who call people to the truth, enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. They have the mark of light on their faces and the trace of prostration on their foreheads. They are the best nation in the history of humanity, the people of felicity whom the hell will not burn.

They are the eminent companions of Muhammad (sas). They are our guides, our stars that enlighten our darkness, our nour-faced lamps.[3]

Loving them is to love Allah and His Rasul (sas). For Allah is pleased with them and those who followed them with good conduct. And He (swt) has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever.

And their words were not but that they said, “Our Lord, forgive us our sins and the excess [committed] in our affairs and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

Their prayer is our prayer, too. Just as each prophet has different feature, beauty and superiority and all these beauties have come together and gathered in Muhammad (sas), all the superior qualities and the virtues of the nations have gathered in the companions of our Prophet (sas). Words cannot give their due and praise them well, but the words gain value by speaking of them. May the peace and blessings be upon the leader of the cause of truth (sas), his family and companions.

Siyer-i Nebi Magazine-25th Issue / January-February



[1] Muahjirun were the first converts to Islam who emigrated from Mecca to Medina with the Prophet Muhammad (sas).

[2] When Ibn Qamiah martyred Musab ibn Umayr (ra) at Uhud, he thought that it was Rasulullah (sas) because of his similarity to the Rasul (sas).

[3] Nour means the divine light.

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