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‘Once, we were returning from a campaign and at the noon time, we gave a break in a thicket place. Soldiers spread over the place to find shadow and have a rest under the trees. Prophet Mohammad, the most generous one, put his sword on a tree and had begun to get a rest.

Siyar-i Nabi

Siyar-i Nabi is the holy whole life of our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)* who knows his Rab* the best and introduces Him to people in the best way. It is the life history of our prophet (p.b.u.h.) who has the greatest morality that Allah disciplined, and who we love more than ourselves. And, we gain our Lord’s love by loving him.

Allah commanded: Love Him

Qur’an commands us to tend more on making jihad rather than adoring those 8 possessions listed above.


Maybe while all young women wanted to marry to him, Abdullah chose Amine as wife. Abdullah was a young who was respected, loved, on behalf of whom the poems were read just like Joseph (pbuh). He was son of Abdulmuttalip.


“I served the Prophet for ten years. Not even once did the word ‘Ugh’ come out of his mouth. (I have not heard any of his rebuke). He never commented on my actions like ‘Why did you do this or why did not you do that’. (He neither criticized nor offended me).”

The delivery of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

God and His angels give blessings to the Prophet. He was not sent except as mercy to mankind. And he is of a great moral character. The Prophet is more caring of the believers than they are of themselves and concerned over your suffering, anxious over you.

Start Life Again

“Allah removed responsibility of all the bad deeds that have been done in the age of ignorance. Come and start life over again.”
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