Return to Allah before death

Oh, people! Repent to Allah before death comes. Be in a hurry to perform good deeds in order not to encounter doings that bother you. Strengthen your connection by remembering Allah so that you will be elated and happy both in your worldly life and hereafter. 

Increase benevolence to the poor in order to have continuous and plenteous livelihood. Enjoin favour to be protected. Forbid evil to be honoured with the help.

Oh, people! Without any doubts, superior in terms of intelligence is obviously the one who commemorates death the most. The best of you gets himself prepared most for the death. Just so you know, being faraway from world of pride (not relying on the world), performing good deeds in order to return to the everlasting realm, also getting prepared for the intermediate realm and predestination are signs of being wisdom. Wise person is the one who questions the essence of him and attempts to perform good deeds for hereafter. Desperate is the one who subordinates his essence over harmful desires and the one who relies on Allah in vain while performing nothing. Allah does not look for your appearance and the goods you own whereas He looks for your heart and behaviour. Having a long-life, living in accordance with the orders given by Him, and regretting the sins committed before late are signs of happiness.

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