Written in Turkish by Mutlu BİNİCİ

Translated into English by Abdullah MÜFTÜOĞLU

"Halid b. Hizam Radıyallahu anh"

When the darkness of night covered everywhere and people got asleep, Halid b. Hizam was preparing to leave the city of Mecca where he grew up in. It had always been tough to leave his family and friends behind for a person but Halid had to go.

Once he converted to Islam, he had suffered and been tortured that much so he could not resist. Either he would give up to all the pressure and let go of his fight or trust in his God and emigrate to Abyssinia.

When the city had been covered with silence, he got out of his house and hit the road with his friends. There was a fair emperor in Abyssinia and nobody was tormented in his area. He was going to stay there for a while and return to the city of Mecca where ‘iman’ was born on the very first opportunity and get together with his lovers and Muhammad (pbuh). 

As he just departed, he felt the pain of longing and the coldness of being in a foreign land in his heart. He left his wife ‘’Ummu Habib’’ and daughter ‘’Ummu Muhsin’’ back in Mecca, and entrusted them to his God. Allah knows when he was ever going to see them again. Then, he thought of his brother ‘’Hakim’’. Hakim has not converted yet but has a big mercy for Muslims in his heart. Hakim who is really wealthy and generous would not be away from the right religion and surely become a Muslim one day. When Halid b. Hizam thought of his brother, he felt relief in his heart. Hakim who has always been with the poor and orphans would never make his aunt and nephews feel like they are out of help and alone.

What really makes Halid nervous is his aunt Hz Khadija and her blessed husband Muhammad (pbuh). As he thought of all the pains and tortures they had been through, he got really upset and depressed about desperation’s anguish. He was praying for his aunt Khadija and Muhammad (pbuh) and begging to Allah for the victory of Islam and the peace of Muslims. For sure, Almighty God would help his Rasool and never leave the Muslims alone. However, they had needed to resist, success this really hard test and be patient.

Abyssinia was too far away and God knows what it was like. Muslims who had not known what would happen one step ahead of them worry about living in foreign lands and relatives that they left back in Mecca; they were moving on between horror and hope.

Firstly, they would go to Harbour of Suaybe in Jeddah after that get pass of The Red Sea by a ship and get to coasts of Africa. Then, they had to take the hard journey that would lead them to the Empire of Aksum. In the meantime, Meccan Mushriks put a military unit in action to capture the Muslims before they go aboard the ship and get them back to Mecca. The road was long, the journey was tough and full of dangers.

Beside all of that worry, dread, sadness and grief, Halid’s only consolation was his cousin and brother in law Zubeyr b. Avvam waiting for him in Abyssinia. Halid would find Zubeyr and the other Muslims and stay in Abyssinia with them until a time that only Allah knows.

He defeated all the worries and horrors by the power of hope and started to think about the days that people run straight to Islam in crowds and the right religion rules and the new world which is leaded with justice and brotherhood by Muhammad (pbuh). An indefinable peace and happiness had filled all over his heart. He felt asleep by the comfort that these thoughts were giving.

When Halid was probably dreaming about a happy life with his prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his lovers, he was not aware of a snake coming to him. He felt a deep pain and an unendurable throes out of the blue. Halid b. Hizam’s blessed hejira came to an end in a desolate spot of desert by an attack of a snake.

Halid did not get to Abyssinia. He didn’t see the victorious days of Islam but gained an infinite happiness, Allah’s consent and endless gardens of Eden. Allah Teala defined Halid and people who are alike him like this in his Qur’an :

‘’ Anyone who emigrates for the sake of God will find on earth many places of refuge, and plenitude. Anyone who leaves his home, emigrating to God and His Messenger, and then is overtaken by death, his compensation falls on God. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful.’’

We believe in endless mercy and compassion of Almighty Allah and beg for them ; desire to meet Halid b. Hizam in the gardens of Eden. Amen.

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