Zahir Ibn Haram

Written in Turkish by Mutlu BİNİCİ

Translated into English by Hayat Yakup ARICIOĞLU

  Zahir ibn Haram was a poor and lonely man, living in a desolate place of desert, outside the city. For some people, he was footling, ugly, unlovable and of no importance. Maybe for this reason, he would not go out in public nor mingle with the crowd. He wanted to vanish from scornful looks and derogatory remarks, get lost and sink into oblivion.

  Although rare when he would go to the city for his vital needs, he would visit Muhammad (as), want to see only him. On every visit, he would carefully prepare the crops he grew and what is not found in the city, and gift them to Rasulullah (sas).[1]

  Rasulullah (sas) would express his love and intimacy to him by saying, “Zahir is our Bedouin and we are his city dwellers.” ”The Bedouin of the Muhammad’s family is Zahir ibn Haram.” Whenever he wanted to go back to his village, Rasulullah (sas) would fulfil all his needs.[2] 

  One day when our Prophet (sas) came to Medina market, he (sas) saw Zahir, trying to sell his crops by himself. He (sas) approached him without being noticed. Then he (sas) suddenly held him from behind and embraced him. He (sas) placed his hands over Zahir’s eyes and said: “Who would like to buy this slave?” Zahir said (while fluttering): “Who are you! Leave me!” Then he found he was Rasulullah (sas) and relieved, he was filled with joy now. He rubbed his back and clung onto the chest of the Prophet more. And he said: “O Rasulullah, if you are to sell me, you will find me unmarketable. Who would buy a worthless like me?”

  Our beloved Prophet (sas) said: (such that all those in the market could hear) “Do you know how valuable you are to Allah?”[3]

 People in the market were watching the happenings astonishingly. The man, from whom they turn away as soon as seeing and whose existence they are disturbed by, was the nearest to the Effendi (master) of the worlds, where they always wanted to be. Zahir, who is not given any importance and whose value is not known, was hearing from the Beloved of Allah in person that Allah loves him. What people think, their insulting and wounding words would not matter anymore.

  Muhammad (as), who was the hope of many who were put upon and ill-treated, aggrieved and oppressed, had lent his (sas) loving and pitying hand. He (sas) had regenerated Zahir ibn Haram, so to say.

  While the Effendi of the world and the hereafter (sas), who says: “Verily Allah does not look to your faces and your wealth but He looks to your heart and to your deeds.”[4] Was battling against the relentless at Badr, his (sas) brave friend Zahir ibn Haram (ra) was there as well.[5] He was one of the happies who promised the Rasulullah (sas) under the tree of Ridwan that he was going to fight to the death when said, “The enemy is going to attack us!” and who could gain the pleasure of Allah and His Rasul (sas).[6]

  Greetings to Zahir ibn Haram, the hero of Badr, the exalted companion who is called ‘the owner of guidance’[7] and to all who regard the all of creation as rahmah.



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