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Siyar al-Nabi Lessons-26: Hz. Umar

He was tall, sturdy and vigorous. Those who saw him at a distance would immediately notice him with his large body and imposing walk. “Umar, son of Khattab, is coming” they would say. He was a shepherd during his childhood, had herded the animals of his father and maternal uncles.

Islam Brotherhood

slam community is a community of brothers which its borders is drawn by Islam belief. To this community and brotherhood, nothing but belief, for instance, neither race, nor colour, nor geography can draw borders. The only precondition of Islam brotherhood is to say “'lā ilāha illā -llāh, muḥammadur rasūlu –llāh.”.


When the darkness of night covered everywhere and people got asleep, Halid b. Hizam was preparing to leave the city of Mecca where he grew up in. It had always been tough to leave his family and friends behind for a person but Halid had to go.

The Companıons

They are our leaders. They are the beautiful people who proved their faith with their deeds, reached the excellence of faith and with whom Allah and His Rasul (sas) are consent. They are the ones who passed down Islam to us, conduced to our faith, the genuine altruists who gave up their worlds to carry us to the jannah.

Siyer-i Nebi Lessons-7: Uncle Is Half Of The Father

When a woman loses her spouse, she should be a mother and a father like Hz.Aminah. When a child is left orphan from a father and a mother, his grandfather should dance with him, grandfather should be friends with his grandchild without looking his age, like Abdulmuttalib did.

Should Believe In Prophets

Allah sent prophets to all creatures that He gave intelligence as angels and humans. Allah sent prophets to angels from angels, and to humans from humans, He always chose prophets from man that He sent to humans.

The power that keeps alive: Tawakkul

We start to work on something; we get into panic as soon as we realize that we can’t overcome that. In that case we start looking for someone we can say ‘help me’. We trust him/her when we find. In other words, we consider them as a guide.

Zahir Ibn Haram

Zahir ibn Haram was a poor and lonely man, living in a desolate place of desert, outside the city. For some people, he was footling, ugly, unlovable and of no importance. Maybe for this reason, he would not go out in public nor mingle with the crowd.

There Is No Small Thing

Sometimes, a word, an action, or a particular bearing can cause such an enormous change that you cannot even imagine! Most of the time, we think our tests will be full of big events. Wars, loss of loved ones, accidents, great richness and poverty, disasters, or great joy… However, this is a delusion.

Our Fears And Hopes

people are not created equally by force of the test. Some people have the blessings such as health, wealth, beauty, being with the family and kin whereas the others suffer from problems like ilness, poverty, some physical disabilities, loss of family members, homesickness.
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