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Who Will Get You Off My Hand?

Once, we were returning from a campaign and at the noon time, we gave a break in a thicket place. Soldiers spread over the place to find shadow and have a rest under to Prophet Mohammad, the most generous one, put his sword on a tree and had begun to get a rest. As we were taking a nap, we heard Prophet Mohammad calling us, and we ran towards him. Then, we found that an unbeliever was threatening him.

Bilâl-i Habashî (r.anh)*

Our Prophet (s.a.w.) describes him with these words: “Bilal is such a magnificent person that nobody besides mu’mins obey to him. He is the master of the muezzins and muezzins will be taller than anybody in the Day of Judgment.”

The Light of Our Eyes, The Bliss of Our Hearts

Anas narrated: "My comfort has been provided in prayer" Prayer is a demonstration of love! It is the best sign of loving Allah and showing the servanthood. That is Almighty Allah's most beloved Messenger's most beloved mission in the world.

You Cannot Cover Our Sun With Mud

He (s.a.w) is our sun. He (s.a.w) scattered darkness of days of ignorance with the permission and mercy of Allah(cc). When he (s.a.w) was not in the world, there was blasphemy, cruelty and violence. When he (s.a.w) came to the world, faith, justice and social ethics enlightened our horizons. His arrival was a good news for underdogs, orphans and oppressed ones, also dismayed all despots and tyrants.

Our Best Example, Our Beloved Prophet

News that messengers of Khuza’a brought echoed throughout the streets of Medina with fear and panic. An enormous army of enemies were approaching Madina to wipe Islam off, to massacre all Muslims.

Show Generosity In The Way Of Allah

“Show generosity in the way of Allah! Show generosity in the way of Allah!

Religion Of Love

"Prophet David (pbuh) was invoking like this: O my Allah! I want from you that I love you, loving the ones who love you and loving the deeds that will bring me to your love. O my Allah! May your love be above my life, my family, and cold water!"

We Ought To Love Our Brothers

According to the Lord of the Worlds, mankind is the most precious living among all creation, and the most precious among mankind is Mumins. For this reason, our Almighty Lord (swt) wants all Mumins to love one another for His sake. Our beloved Prophet (sas) states that loving the beloved one for Allah's sake perfects the Mumins.

No One Suffered As Much As He Did

Polytheists were hating The Prophet (s.a.w.) and his invitaion, they especially couldn’t stand his Salah. During Salah, the one would connect to his Lord, get blessed with peace and trust, while cruels were filled with dismay. Salah was an act of Tawhid3, pillar of islam which hold against persecution system of the polytheists.

To help a man find truth

One day a bizarre thing happened. Our Prophet was sitting and talking with some of the prominent unbelievers. He was expressing the beauty of Islam and telling them that becoming Muslim was a very big happiness. When they insisted on their dissipation, he was trying to express that another way to soften their hearts.
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