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To Those Of Saying “No Need For Hadith, Quran Is Enough For Us!”

Our compassionate Prophet (sas) warned us to not fall in the trap of these presumptuous Hadith rejecters: “Do not you dare say, ‘We do not know anything besides Quran, we adhere to what we find from the Book of Allah (swt).’ (Abi Dawud, Sunnah 5, Tirmidhi, Knowledge 10) And certainly, we never think like Hadith rejecters and never forget the warning of our Lord (swt): “Then let those beware who withstand the Messenger’s order, lest some trial befall them, or a grivous penalty be inflicted on them.” (Nur 24/63.)

Return to Allah before death

Oh, people! Repent to Allah before death comes. Be in a hurry to perform good deeds in order not to encounter doings that bother you. Strengthen your connection by remembering Allah so that you will be elated and happy both in your worldly life and hereafter.

Siyer-i Nebi Lessons-7: Uncle Is Half Of The Father

Uncle Abu Talib cherished Muhammad(ﷺ) who is memory of his brother and his father’s trust, and Abu Talib loved him more than his own children. They slept together and, Abu Talib never left near him. Muhammad(ﷺ) was for Abu Talib what Yusuf was for Jacop.

A Martyr Who Died For His Killer: Amir ibn Fuhayra

Slavery is a disgrace in the history of humanity. Being a property of someone while you are the noblest 0f all creation… Slaves are some “things” which have no rights nor limits. They are not even considered humans. No emotions. No ideas. No desires. If and only if they are beings, they were created to serve their masters, even worse than animals. Whip cracks, days long starving, dark dungeons with full of rats and the shackles on their hands and feet…

The Most Beautiful Day of Madinah

That day was the most beautiful day of Madinah and for the people of Madinah. As Enes b. Malik said, there was no more beautiful and more shining day that Madinah had ever seen before. People were exclaiming ‘’Prophet has arrived!’’ as they were flooding onto the streets.

A Day With Our Prophet

Rasuli Akram would be awakened by rooster crowing in the last third of the night, at dawn. He would straighten up by wiping the sleep from his eyes which are worth the world and make his duaa by reciting, “Alhamdu lillahil-lathee ahyana ba'da amatana wa-ilayhin-nushoor”

Who Will Get You Off My Hand?

Once, we were returning from a campaign and at the noon time, we gave a break in a thicket place. Soldiers spread over the place to find shadow and have a rest under to Prophet Mohammad, the most generous one, put his sword on a tree and had begun to get a rest. As we were taking a nap, we heard Prophet Mohammad calling us, and we ran towards him. Then, we found that an unbeliever was threatening him.

Bilâl-i Habashî (r.anh)*

Our Prophet (s.a.w.) describes him with these words: “Bilal is such a magnificent person that nobody besides mu’mins obey to him. He is the master of the muezzins and muezzins will be taller than anybody in the Day of Judgment.”

The Light of Our Eyes, The Bliss of Our Hearts

Anas narrated: "My comfort has been provided in prayer" Prayer is a demonstration of love! It is the best sign of loving Allah and showing the servanthood. That is Almighty Allah's most beloved Messenger's most beloved mission in the world.

You Cannot Cover Our Sun With Mud

He (s.a.w) is our sun. He (s.a.w) scattered darkness of days of ignorance with the permission and mercy of Allah(cc). When he (s.a.w) was not in the world, there was blasphemy, cruelty and violence. When he (s.a.w) came to the world, faith, justice and social ethics enlightened our horizons. His arrival was a good news for underdogs, orphans and oppressed ones, also dismayed all despots and tyrants.
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